A Special Day! – Carver Primary School - May 22, 2015

In between fire calls, we also honored our promise to a young girl and her family, while continuing the awareness of the Zach Kane Fund.  At the Taste of Carver 2 event held back in March, we as a Fire Department, committed to raffling a ride to school in a fire truck to the lucky winner.  This was among many other raffles all geared to raising money to help Zach in his fight with cancer.  Who knew our raffle item would be so popular, but that night the raffle was a huge success in raising a substantial amount of money.  Well, a special girl named Ava Camelo won the fire truck ride to school!  Actually, her mother put so many tickets in the bag, she probably could have bought a Brush Breaker!  I think Ava’s mother was more excited than anyone.  We worked with the soon to be 8 year old Ava and her family on picking today as the special day, as it is Ava’s 8th Birthday.  Ava was invited to the Fire House last week to pick which fire truck she wanted to ride on.  It was priceless as her eyes lit up when she saw Brush Breaker 27.  We then worked with the Elementary School and they arranged to have the entire 2nd grade outside singing Happy Birthday when our special guest arrived.  What a great way to start our day by giving a beautiful little girl a special birthday to remember, while also keeping awareness and supporting our friend Zach!  A big thank you to my wife Cheryl for decking out Breaker 27 with birthday balloons and making Ava’s day with a birthday gift from girls dream store Justice.  Also, a thank you to Deputy Germaine and Bella who were assistants in the big day. (Photo’s by Deputy Eric Germaine)