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2003 - 2004


Santa comes to Town - December 14, 2004

Front Row - Mark Brown, Bob Vestute, Eric Weston, Craig Weston, "Santa", Mark Whittemore, Rick Leopardi, Tom Fitzgerald Back Row - Jesse Boyle, John Fein, Steven Weston, Jerry Vaughn, Bob Middendorf, Eric Germaine, Bob Thibodeau, Carl Santos, Matt Sears, Mark Weston, Chris Mahoney, Kristen Durling and Mark Durling Twas 2 weeks before before Christmas, at Central Firehouse, Everyone was stirring, even the Macintosh mouse. Decorations of snowflakes, lights and a tree, Made the Station look festive, even the floor was grease free. Captain Santos was...

Benefit for call firefighters approved - June 17, 2004

By Christine Wallgren, Globe Correspondent | June 17, 2004 CARVER -- Annual Town Meeting voters on Monday unanimously endorsed a program that will award veteran call firefighters monthly benefit payments at age 65. Carver Fire Chief Dana Harriman called the vote ''a very solid step toward perpetuating a call firefighting system long into the future in Carver." Under the service award program, firefighters with 20 years of service will receive $200 each month and those with 30 years will receive $300. Harriman...

Carver firefighters devise mobile home fire prevention program - March 14, 2004

By Mary Julius, Enterprise staff writer As Carver Fire Chief Dana E. Harriman walked through the charred timbers at a fatal mobile-home fire last week, it reminded him of the importance of talking about fire safety to all mobile-home residents. "Mobile homes tend to be more energy efficient than conventionally built homes and, while that saves money and energy, unfortunately when a fire occurs it also keeps that heat and smoke inside," Harriman said. On Monday, Antonio J. DeSiata, 78, died in a...

What it takes to become a call firefighter - March 14, 2003

As most of you are aware, local reporter Kristen DeOliveira, of CNC Newspapers, is taking the Carver Fire Department Recruit Training Course as a public interest project. She is writing a 7 part bi-weekly story on “What it takes to become a Call Firefighter.” Below are the links to the articles she has posted so far. They will also be running in the Carver Reporter, Wareham Courier, The Sentinel, and the Halifax-Plympton Reporter.

Dispatch Center Rehab - March 14, 2003

A big THANK YOU to FF/Dispatcher Bill Piper. Bill (with carpentry support from DC Craig Weston) spent a solid week fabricating, re-arranging and upgrading our Fire Station Dispatch Center. Keeping all the necessary equipment organized in a 9' x 12' room is a big challenge!