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2021 - 2022


2022 Recruit Graduation Picture - April 23, 2022

Our Proud Graduating Class of 2022 Left to Right (Bottom Row) - Our Newest Firefighters - Firefighter Sean Eldridge, Firefighter Evan Ouellette, Firefighter Cam Wentworth, Firefighter Matthew Crump and Firefighter Spencer White Left to Right (Top Row) - Our Assistant Deputy Chief Jesse Boyle, Lieutenant Sean Bogart, Lieutenant Geoffery Thomas, Captain Eric Weston, Captain Bill Froehlich, Captain Frank Nye, Lieutenant Bob Middendorf, Lieutenant Adam Flood, Firefighter Matt Sears, Lieutenant Chris Mahoney, Firefighter Austin White and Deputy Eric Germaine

New Forestry 25 Delivery - January 17, 2022

Carver Fire Department’s new Forestry 25 returned to quarters following a visit to our sign artist, Mr. Gregg Heger. The numbering scheme of “25” dates back to the 1940’s in which Plymouth County Fire Chief’s Association designated specific numbers to each fire department. This tradition continues today, with the numbers 20-29 still assigned to the Carver Fire Department.  The forest fire truck, which was purchased through FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighter’s Grant program, will now have equipment installed by our own...

Firefighter of the Year Awards – Worcester Mechanics Hall - December 15, 2021

A big congratulations to Lieutenant Chris Mahoney, for receiving a Medal of Valor at the 32nd Firefighter of the Year awards held in Worcester, MA. The ceremony was extremely well done. Before each award for Valor as presented by the MC of the event, a detailed account of the heroic events for each situation was described. Amazing acts of bravery out there! A big tip of the helmet to our CFD Honor Guard, as they were on full display working...

2021 Recruit Graduation Picture - April 24, 2021

Our Proud Graduating Class of 2021   Left to Right – Assistant Deputy Chief Jesse Boyle, Captain Bob Telless, Captain Bill Froehlich, Lieutenant Chris Mahoney, our Newest Firefighters – Tiffany Holden, Cameron Fogarty, Keith Myer, John Haskell, Patrick Kenneally, Evan Ferrari, Matthew Bumpus, Firefighter Matt Sears, Lieutenant Geoffrey Thomas, Lieutenant Adam Flood, Lieutenant Bob Middendorf and Deputy Fire Chief Eric Germaine   Missing from the picture are Recruit Trainers Captain Eric Weston, Captain Frank Nye, Lieutenant Sean Bogart, Firefighter Josh McDermott, and Firefighter Austin...