New Forestry 25 Delivery

Carver Fire Department’s new Forestry 25 returned to quarters following a visit to our sign artist, Mr. Gregg Heger. The numbering scheme of “25” dates back to the 1940’s in which Plymouth County Fire Chief’s Association designated specific numbers to each fire department. This tradition continues today, with the numbers 20-29 still assigned to the Carver Fire Department.  The forest fire truck, which was purchased through FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighter’s Grant program, will now have equipment installed by our own firefighters. After equipment is mounted, all firefighters will undergo training prior to the rig being placed in service.  Forestry 25 is a 2021 Ford F550/ B.R.A.T. 4X4 Pump and Roll with a 400-gallon tank, 4 person cab, 275 GPM Waterous pump, built-in class A/B foam injection system.  The apparatus has one 1 3/4″ pre-connect, 200-feet and one 2″ pre-connect 200-feet, two 200-foot forestry reels, 200 GPM Front Akron Brushmaster Turret, Whelen LED scenes lights and light bar, front and rear 15,000lb remote winches. Wildfire and Water Rescue equipment along with SCBA’s are stored on the apparatus.  The unit was built by Firematic Supply Co. located in Shirley, New York. Forestry 25 is assigned to Station 1 located in the center of town.