2014 Deputy’s Scavenger Hunt / Family Fun Day

From all accounts, our third CFD sanctioned Scavenger Hunt / Family Fun Day was a huge success! This was a competitive training exercise we termed a scavenger hunt. The goal of the event was to mix training, competitiveness, a fun time and great prizes into a series of six training exercises that would involve CFD equipment, apparatus and the skills of our Firefighters. Approximately 35 Firefighters participated in the event. Company 3, named the “Dormant Minitors”, located all their canisters, arrived first at their final destination (C1’s daughters playhouse) and found a wrapped prize congratulating them on their victory. Company 1, named “Halligans” came in second and Company 2, “Water Supply” was third. For their efforts, Company 3 received a Blitz Fire Nozzle for Engine 3, Company 1 received a 21” Electric Positive Pressure Fan for Rescue 1 and Company 2 received a Lenovo desktop computer for Station 2. In our profession, you have to train hard, for you never know when or what type of emergency you will be facing. We believe that you also have to be able to have a good laugh or two! All said and done, the scavenger hunt accomplished the goals we set out to accomplish. Six intense training exercises involving Firefighter skills, keeping a large number of Firefighters in Town ready to respond to any emergencies, developing comraderie among the group and sharing some laughs!

After the event, everyone that participated was treated to barbecue and relaxing day at the Chiefs house. Deputy Germaine and the Middendorf Family manned the grill with hot dogs and hamburgers, while C1′s cousin Scott Anderson, cooked up a fantastic meal of homemade smoked sausage, pulled pork and chicken! Association President Middendorf coordinated all the children’s games, although the kids never really wanted to get off the waterslide! Special thanks are in order to Deputy Germaine, who orchestrated the entire drill and to the volunteers who helped with the scavenger hunt, C3′s wife Amy, my Comma Lady Cheryl, Association President Bob Middendorf, our Health & Safety Officer, Bob Telless, Retired Chief Bill Harriman and Fire Station Building Committee Member George Callahan. Overall, it was great day and both my wife and myself hope you all had a fun time! See you next year, maybe!