Station 2 Rehab Project


A lot going on at our North Carver Fire Station, home of Company 2!  At our annual Town Meeting, taxpayers voted unanimously to replace the original and aging apparatus doors with newer more modern glass doors.  At the same time, our TEAM of Company 2 Officers and Firefighters have stepped up to the plate and are re-landscaping and epoxy painting the apparatus floors.  To date, the new apparatus doors are installed and the landscaping is complete.  Next it will be on to the apparatus floors near the end of August.  Other than the installation of the new apparatus doors, all the work is being done by our own Firefighters, donating their time!  This is a great “TEAM” project that will add years of life to this proud Fire Station.

It should be noted that North Carver Fire Station was built by our Firefighters, with donated materials, in 1987.  This was a mammoth project lead by retired Fire Chief Dana Harriman, saving our taxpayers a lot of money. (Photo’s by Lieutenant Vinny Nocera and Firefighter Steve Falconer)