Dive Team Achieves Training Certification

Front Row – (S) Kevin Wilson, (S) Matt Barrington, (D) Eric Germaine, (D) Nina Logan Back Row – (S) Robert Vestutue, (S) Adam Flood, (D) Stephen Maccini, (D) John O’Connell, (D) Austin White, (S) Chris Mahoney, (S) Christine Amaral, (D) Mark Durling and (D) Alex Morana. Missing from the picture are Divers Adam Lauzon, Josh McDermott and Al Perry and Surface Support Specialists John Rota and CJ Gillis

Carver Divemaster and Lt. Austin White and Assistant Divemaster John O’Connell announced that the CFD dive team has achieved the advanced certification of Public Safety Diver following several months of training. Austin White, John O’Connell, Eric Germaine, Josh McDermott, Mark Durling, Adam Lauzon, Nina Logan, Stephen Maccini, Alex Morena, are all certified to the level of Public Safety Diver. Robert Vestute, Cj Gillis, Christine Amaral, Matt Barrington, Adam Flood, Kevin Wilson, and John Rota are certified as Public Safety Diver Surface Support Specialists.

Mission Ready – The Carver Fire Dive Team was formed in 1988 under the direction of then Fire Chief Dana Harriman. Currently the Dive Team consists of 10 Divers and 8 Support personnel. Our Dive Team trains at a minimum of once per month, and maintains preparedness for all water rescue emergencies. Carver Fire is thankful for the dedication and professionalism displayed by these members, and the ongoing support and financial commitment from the residents and town leaders. Because of this certification and fiscal cooperation, our dive team has recently been equipped with new dry suits and other critical life safety equipment in order to be best prepared to effect a rescue when called upon.

Certification Process – The team earned their certification through PADI, the world’s largest dive training agency. This Public Safety Diver course has the highest prerequisites in the industry. A PADI Public Safety Diver is considered to be the highest trained and certified Public Safety Diver in the world.

PADI Instructor Doug Costa led the team during their training and had this to say – “It was a pleasure working with the Carver firefighters and their dive rescue team. Over the course of 5 weeks, we spent time in the classroom, conducting practical exercises behind the station and performing search and rescue simulations in local ponds. Members of the department learned and practiced some new techniques as well as diver emergency drills in the event that one of their own divers has a problem during an activation. This training brings the Carver Dive Team in-line with the surrounding towns as well as the Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team which is sometimes called on to provide additional manpower during an incident. With this standardized training, local teams are able to work together seamlessly. I look forward to working and training with them in the future.”

The course involved an introduction to special procedures, scene handling, communications, and documentation requirements for a public safety diving operation. During four open water dives, members practiced compass navigation, knot tying, arc search techniques, victim recovery, rope-pull communications, rescue techniques for a distressed public safety diver and numerous other specialties. (Photo’s by Assistant Deputy Chief Jesse Boyle)