Pictures for the year of 2005


Rope Rescue Course – Whitman DPW - December 3, 2005

16 Carver Firefighters participated in a Basic Rope Course coordinated by Lieut. Jon Fortier. The course was taught by the Plymouth County Fire & Rescue Training Association. Now a Basic Rope Course might sound a little boring, but my guess is anyone who started out with that thought, quickly switched gears when it came time to climb out a 2nd floor window and rappel to the ground with a “Basic Rope”. All in a day’s training for today’s professional firefighters....

Fire Prevention Week “Open House” – Carver Fire Department Training Facility - October 30, 2005

Open house at the CFD Training Facility is an opportunity for children and adults to get up close and personal with some state of the art fire equipment as well as a contingent of extremely dedicated firefighters. A steady stream of families learned fire prevention practices together crawling through smoke, looking through a Thermal Imager, and even taking turns holding the hose. Free cold drinks, pizza, and cookies rounded out the visit. The mom and dads had great comments and...

Structure Fire – Birch Terrace - October 9, 2005

Company's 1, 2 and 3 were dispatched to a Structure Fire at 7 Birch Terrace. Deputy Mark Weston quickly assumed Command, declaring a working fire, with a possible person trapped inside the structure. Firefighters from Engine 1 performed an aggressive primary search ahead of extinguishing the fire. All searches turned up negative with the occupant later discovered at another location. 37 Carver firefighters responded, containing the fire to side C/D of the structure. A Plymouth Engine Company covered our Central...

MFA Flashover Course – Station 1 - October 2, 2005

24 Carver firefighters spent a Sunday afternoon battling the intense heat of the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy's Flashover Course. Firefighters entered the flashover trailer in groups of eight to observe the conditions of a real flashover and exited with big smiles from the experience. (Photo's by Firefighters Steve Falconer and Bill Piper)

Experienced Firefighters Night – Carver Sportsman’s Club - September 12, 2005

Our annual "experienced firefighters" night, is a great time to fight the big fires again. On this night, FF Mike Nye received his 25 year award. It was a proud moment for his dad, who was asked to make the presentation. Mike's son Frank was there too. That's 3 generations of Nye firefighters serving the Town. Company 3 served a great meal of beef, chicken, and vegetables cooked on sticks. (Photo's by Firefighter's Dan Wilcox and Steve Falconer)

MVA – Cranberry Road - August 28, 2005

CFD personnel responding to a motor vehicle accident with people trapped, in the Myles Standish State Forest, were met with a unique challenge. The car had gone off the road and was wedged between 2 large trees, which prevented both the drivers and passenger side doors from opening. A Brushbreaker was called to the scene and it's winch was utilized to pull the car back enabling the doors to be opened. Lieutenant Jon Fortier was in command at the scene....

Structure Fire – Weston Street - July 26, 2005

This where all that training pays off! A routine gas grill fire on a rear deck turned out to be much more than expected. The grill was right next to the rear wall of the home between the chimney and the rear door. The fire extended up the shingles on the back of the house and entered the attic through the eaves. DFC Mark Weston (C2) was first in and declared a "working fire". A total of 46 Carver Firefighters...

Deputy’s Drill / Simulated Structure Fire – 75 Main Street - July 20, 2005

Local developer Buz Artiano of New England Architectural Builders, offered the Carver Fire Department the use of a building which was about to be torn down to make way for a new commercial project. On a sweltering hot night when most people are thinking of kicking back with a brew and sitting in front of the air conditioner, about 40 members of the Carver Fire Department along with a "mutual aid" Engine and crew from the Plymouth Fire Department, went...

Structure Fire – Crystal Lake rive - June 25, 2005

All 3 Company's responded to 60 Crystal Lake Drive for the reported house fire. A quick and aggressive attack by members of Company 1 confined the fire to one bedroom. At the time of the alarm the temperature was 92 degrees with very high humidity. Not the kind of day that you look forward to putting on heavily insulated coats and pants and then entering a building that is well over 150 degrees before you even get near the room...

3rd Grade Fire Prevention Tour – Station 1 - June 13, 2005

Annually in mid June, the 3rd grade class from the Gov. John Carver School hikes up Route 58 and spends time touring the Ambulance Station, Police Station and Fire Station. This year, Firefighters Mark Durling, Bill Kelly, Dave Buker and Alan Dunham did the honors giving the 130 member class a tour of the apparatus in Central Fire Station. (Photo's by Firefighter Gerry Farquharson)  

MVA with Entrapment – Fosdick Road - June 7, 2005

At 4:25 pm on June 7, 2005, Company's 1 & 2 responded to a reported motor vehicle accident with a person trapped in the vehicle in the vicinity of 72 Fosdick Road. Firefighters were challenged with a difficult extrication of an adult male victim whose legs were pinned by the dashboard and brake pedal of the Ford Ranger pickup truck. During the extrication process the vehicle engine compartment burst in to flames. Firefighters quickly brought the fire under control using...

MVA – Tremont Street - May 18, 2005

Company 1 & 3 responded to an MVA on Tremont Street involving a large truck and 2 cars. Firefighters assisted Carver EMS packaging the injured driver of one of the cars and dealt with an estimated 75 gallon spill of diesel fuel. (Photo's by Deputy Craig Weston)  

Three Company Jaws Drill – Carver Fire Department Training Facility - May 15, 2005

 The drill theme for May this year was use of the Jaws of Life and other rescue tools. The Lieutenants from all 3 Company's got together and created an accident scene that would test the resourcefulness of the crews and in doing so exercise about every tool we own. A Winnebago motor home on top of a little Dodge Omni, a crushed Ford Taurus about 50 feet away; and of course "victims" trapped in all vehicles. A real good...

Justin Kirk Fund Raiser – North Carver McDonalds - May 9, 2005

The drill theme for May this year was use of the Jaws of Life and other rescue tools. The Lieutenants from all 3 Company's got together and created an accident scene that would test the resourcefulness of the crews and in doing so exercise about every tool we own. A Winnebago motor home on top of a little Dodge Omni, a crushed Ford Taurus about 50 feet away; and of course "victims" trapped in all vehicles. A real good challenge...

Carver Fire Recruit Graduation – Carver Fire Station 1 - April 24, 2005

On April 24, 2005 the Class of '05 graduated from Recruit Training. This is an extremely important day in the evolution of the Carver Fire Department. The enthusiasm and excitement that the new firefighters feel reverberates through the Department and we all look forward to the load being lighter now that they are here. They have worked extremely hard and earned the respect of the trainers. They now will have the opportunity to truly serve the people of Carver. This...

Plymouth Brush Fire – Ship Pond Road - April 17, 2005

Plymouth County Control requested 2 Brush breakers respond mutual aid to the Town of Plymouth for a woods fire threatening homes in the area of Fairway Drive. Carver Brush breakers 27 & 28 along with DFC Mark Weston responded. A few minutes later Plymouth County Control requested an Engine to the same fire and Engine 3 responded. The Plymouth County Fire Plane (shown in one of the pictures) was on scene as well as Brush breakers and Engines from 5...

Deputy’s Brush Fire Drill – Myles Standish State Forest - April 10, 2005

Personnel and equipment from Plymouth, Kingston, Duxbury, Plympton, Onset, Wareham, Marion, Plymouth County Sheriffs Department, Mass. Bureau of Fire Control, and Mass. Department of Fire Services participated in the annual Carver Fire Department Spring Forest Fire Drill. The drill exercised the county radio frequencies, the mutual aid system, water supply and the incident command system in a simulated forest fire on the Carver side of Myles Standish State Forest. (Photo's by Firefighters Gerry Farquharson, Danny Wilcox and Steve Falconer)  

Brush Fire – Cranberry Road - April 9, 2005

About 1/2 acre of brush was consumed by this suspicious fire off of Cranberry Road near Myles Standish Drive. Kudos to the alert fire tower observer who was able to distinguish the smoke from this fire as being different from several permits in the area. Carver depends heavily on the state operated system of forest fire observation towers. (Photo's by Firefighters Gerry Farquharson Rob Reardon)  

Brush Fire – Meadow Street - April 7, 2005

Co. 1 & 3 were dispatched to a permit out of control on Meadow Street. State Patrol 17 was at Station 1 for a meeting at the time and was first in. State Patrolman Jeff Stanovich and DFC Mark Weston made the attack with a line off of the State Patrol Truck and quickly brought the fire under control. Breaker 27 supplied water to the State Patrol Truck. (Photo's by Firefighter Rob Reardon)  

Brush Fire – Island Farm Road - April 5, 2005

Company's 1 & 3 were dispatched to an outside fire off of Cranberry Road. Lieut. Fortier (303) was first in and positioned Breaker 28 off of Cranberry Road where they ran a long line in to the fire. The fire actually started from a smoldering unattended permit fire on Island Farm Road. About a quarter acre was blackened. (Photo's by Deputy Craig Weston)  

Water Rescue / Search – Myles Standish State Forest - March 27, 2005

Company's 1 & 3 responded to a report of a person and dogs through the ice in the Myles Standish State Forest. The report was from a cellular phone that lost signal during the conversation so an exact location was not known. Larger units staged up at the Myles Standish Headquarters while smaller all wheel drive vehicles checked the ponds. The victims were found alive and well on Halfway Pond Road and had gotten out on their own. (Photo's by...

MVA – Route 44 (Middleboro) - February 16, 2005

Carver Engine 2, Rescue 1, C2 & C3 responded to a request for assistance from the Middleboro Fire Department for a MVA with people trapped on the new route 44. Mutual Aid between communities is an extremely important custom in the fire service. (Photo's by Firefighters Gerry Farquharson and Bill Piper)  

MVA – High Street - February 4, 2005

On 2/4/05 at 13:34 hours, Co. 1 & 2 responded to an MVA with a person trapped on High Street near the intersection of Spring Street. Rescue 1 crew used the Hurst Spreader tool to open a door, while Engine 2 stood by with a charged attack line. Firefighters then assisted Carver EMS personnel removing the victim from the vehicle. The effect of the Blizzard of 05 continues to challenge us with high snow banks and nowhere to park on...

Truck Fire – Meadow Street - January 25, 2005

Pushing snow from the BLIZZARD of 05 got to be too much for this plow truck. Firefighters from Engine 1 handled the 11:49 am truck fire without incident. Two to three feet of snow does make maneuvering an 1 3/4" line around the vehicle somewhat of a challenge. All in an hours work for a Call Firefighter though...........(Photo's by Deputy Craig Weston)  

MVA – Tremont Street - January 14, 2005

On January 14, 2005 Co. 1 & 3 were dispatched to Tremont Street for a motor vehicle accident with the car smoking. The smoke turned out to be steam from a ruptured radiator. C2 and Engine 3 stood by for about 15 minutes assisting the EMT's and checking for hazards. (Photo's by Firefighter Gerry Farquharson)  

Funeral Service for Retired Fire Chief Homer Weston - January 9, 2005

On Sunday, January 9, 2005, Carver Firefighters gathered to pay their respects to the family of Chief Homer F. Weston, retired; who passed away at the age of 93. Chief Weston served as Chief of Department for 17 years and Deputy Chief for 18 years. He was a founding member of the Carver Firefighters Association and remained active in the Association until the time of his death. In addition to the Carver Firefighters who posed for a group picture prior...

Annual Clambake - January 1, 2005

An old fashioned New England rock clambake is the annual fundraiser for the Carver Firefighters Association. The proceeds from the bake support scholarships, purchase training materials, as well as other endeavors which benefit the community. Preparing, cooking, and serving; clams, fish, onions, white potato, sweet potato, stuffing, hot dogs, sausage, corn and of course watermelon to feed 450 people is no easy task. But it is a long standing tradition on the 4th Sunday of every June for the men...