Safety Officers Drill (Apparatus Driver Safety Course) – Carver Primary School - October 23, 2011

CFD Health and Safety Officer, Robert Telless, will be conducting two separate Fire Apparatus Driving Drills for all Carver Firefighters over the next two weekends.  Firefighters will utilize each unique and different piece of Carver Fire Apparatus to drive through a DOT (Department of Transportation) style driving course, set up at the Carver Primary School.  During the drill, each Firefighter is given a 1 hour classroom presentation on driver safety, followed by 2 hours of practical driving in a Department of Transportation course setup.  Captain Robert Telless conducts this training on a yearly basis for all Firefighters, ensuring the best possible driving safety standards possible. This year the course was as challenging as always, with a point system in place to determine which Fire Company drove the safest and will win the overall competition. (Photo’s by Firefighter Steve Falconer)